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E3 2017: Bioware Unveils New Game ANTHEM (Codenamed previously as Dylan)

Our coverage for E3 2017 continues with EA’s announcement of their upcoming games. For this post, let’s look at EA and Bioware’s next project called Anthem.

We finally get to know more about the next Bioware-EA project on the veins of the latest Mass Effect game, Mass Effect Andromeda. Watch the teaser trailer below:

ATM, we’re still scrambling to get more details for this as it’s only the Anthem teaser trailer that’s been uploaded and shared. The game’s official YouTube channel is persuading viewers to subscribe to the channel to see the “Gameplay Trailer”. No timeframe though, so the shortest before we see a new trailer with gameplay would be this week when E3 2017 goes full-scale. Or they could wait for another time.

I seriously hope they didn’t make the same mistakes they did with Mass Effect Andromeda with all the derpy looking faces for the characters.

Anthem will be released Fall 2018 from Bioware and Electronic Arts

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