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New Key Art for Marvel Future Fight X-Men Event Plus Wolverine, Jean Grey and Magneto

Oh yea of little faith. Netmarble has released new key art for Marvel Future Fight X-Men plus a look at Magneto, Wolverine and Phoenix aka Jean Grey.

The gsme is definitely bringing the merry mutants. We already know that they would bring in Cyclops and Storm as well as Rogue and Beast.

Here’s a preview for Wolverine and Jean Grey who will also be playable for the Future Fight X-Men event.

Betting Logan would be Combat Type. Also, yes kids, Wolverine is a short guy, standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall. Blame Hugh Jackman why his depiction’s made him taller. Meanwhile Jean on the other hand could be a blaster.

And of course we will be getting THE most important villain for the X-Men and its none other than Magneto.

Currently Marvel Future Fight X-Men Event is in its pre-event status with the game simply teasing fans about AND giving them an initial taste of the characters by giving a challenge with Rogue and Beast bios as prizes at the end of the challenge.


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