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Astronize Launches Its First Mobile Game: TSX

Astronize, the newest sister company of PlayPark, a provider of innovative and interactive entertainment, is proud to announce its first title for gamers: TSX! You can download TSX from Google Play or the Apple App Store here.

TSX will take players on an adventure back to the Three Kingdoms era, featuring a multitude of legendary warlords waiting for you to recruit into your team. The game is rendered in fun and cute 2D pixel art, adding a nostalgic feel.

TSX is the result of fusing together gameplay mechanics of traditional video games with the tenets of Web3. TSX integrates blockchain technology into the game, which transcends the norm of typical mobile titles. Players can convert in-game items into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and have the opportunity to engage in limitless and secure transactions through the ASTRONIZE Market. 

Key features of TSX include:


The Spirit System


The Spirit System is a new addition to the TSX game that enhances the abilities of players’ warlords in terms of stats and the number of skills added. It helps to diversify and expand the capabilities of warlords, allowing them to be more versatile and effective.


Mythic Equipment


Mythic Equipment will be a new type of gear introduced in TSX, which can be worn by both players’ characters and equipped on warlords. They enhance the strength of characters in each respective class uniquely and significantly stand out.


Rune Stones


Rune Stones are new items used to increase the stats of the “Sub-Attributes” of Mythic Equipment, randomly increasing their stat values.


Rune Stones can be obtained through offerings to the Divine Spirits. Additionally, they can be acquired from in-game activities or purchased from shops, often available in various levels of Rune Stone packs.


Runes are divided into grades 1 to 5. Higher-grade Runes provide greater stats.


Runes can be divided into various types such as HP, SP, Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Agility, Evasion, Accuracy, Resistance, and others.


TSX Coin


In the TSX game, TSX Coin is the primary currency used for upgrading characters, weapons, and various items to enhance their abilities. TSX Coins are earned through participating in in-game activities such as mining or special events. Additionally, TSX Coins can be used to purchase in-game items, like spirits. TSX Coins can also be exchanged for TSX Tokens, the official currency for buying or trading NFTs.


The TSX Token


TSX Token is a utility token (Utility Token) through the Blockchain system, the main currency of the game that players will receive by converting TSX Coin within the game through the Astrobeam system to receive TSX Token coins. TSX Token coins can be used to buy or exchange NFTs on AST Market to bring back to use in the game


It consists of 2 parts:


Official Store – is a marketplace where developers offer NFT in-game items to players. Which will have extremely rare items, cool decorations, etc.


AST Market – is the first marketplace where players can create NFT in-game items and sell them themselves. The buyer will not be able to sell that NFT yet. They must redeem it into the in-game system first.

Players can bring back TSX Token and convert them into TSX Coin through the Astrobeam system in order to use them for various utilities in the game.

Bridging Web2 and Web3: ASTROBEAM


ASTROBEAM is a system on the ASTRONIZE platform designed primarily to adjust the exchange rate between TSX Coin and TSX Token to be suitable for the game’s situation and to create a balance between demand and supply.

Creating a stable economy of TSX Coins earned in the game and TSX Tokens exchanged is crucial for any Web3 game to grow. For more information about exchange rates and TSX Token creation limites, check out the information sheet from the official website.

TSX has just launched and will be introducing new content very soon! The game currently has a login and first recharge incentive program. Players immediately get General Dong Bai when they first log in and get additional rewards for the next 13 consecutive logins! When players top up a minimum of 150 gold, they will receive the Legendary General Wang Yi!

In addition to the highlighted activities mentioned above, there are plenty of other activities available, such as the Character Creation Gift Box event, Fortune Dice Board event, Happy Gacha Support event, and the Badouyao Doll Accumulation event for exchanging rewards.

For updates on the game, follow TSX on social media:

Official Website: TSX by Astronize – SEA
Official FB Page: Facebook

FB Group: TSX by Astronize (Official Group) | Facebook

Discord: Discord

Twitter/X: twitter.com/TSXbyAstronize

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @TSXbyAstronizeOfficialCM


About TSX by Astronize


TSX, the latest mobile game from the world of TS Online, not only offers a new and exciting experience, but also develops new content and modern gameplay mechanics. It’s perfect for gamers of all genders and ages who are captivated by the world of Turn-Based MMORPGs.

TSX will take you on an adventure back to the Three Kingdoms era, with numerous legendary generals waiting for you to recruit. To further immerse you in every journey, it comes with character graphics in 2D Pixel Art format and incorporates Blockchain technology, breaking the limits of typical mobile games even further. Players can convert in-game items into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and enjoy transactions that are limitless and secure through the ASTRONIZE Market. Get ready for an exciting and unique gaming experience that takes being a true gamer to the next level!

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