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Captain America’s Secret Weapon Against Insurgents and Rebels – Secret Empire # 3

The ending of Marvel’s Secret Empire # 3 definitely caught me by surprise and it’s one of those interesting pieces they’ve revealed in the current Hydra Cap event book by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino.

So in this issue, there are a ton of beats to cover but the biggest plot or beat or whatever you want to call it happens in the end of the book.

Boomerang, one of Spider-Man’s B-List villains has taken over the information network for a broken America ruled by HYDRA. Earlier in the story he sets up a meeting between Black Widow and the former SHIELD director Maria Hill.

Towards the end of the book, we get back to Boomerang as he wakes up and gets up to do his thing in the bathroom. Unfortunately for him, it looks like it will be the end of him.

A bomb goes off and while Boomerang survives his luck is about to run out. A stranger infiltrates his place and starts asking questions and threatens him.

When the light finally shines on our mysterious assailant, its revealed that this is actually Frank Castle aka The Punisher!

This was interesting. Definitely want to read the next issue. Also goddamn, he has a new HYDRA-infused logo. Major surprise.

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