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Karolina Dean Gets Runaways Teaser

Newsarama gets to reveal the next Runaways teaser and its Karolina Dean aka Lucy in the Sky or LSD

Just like the other members of the Runaways that have already been teased, Karolina’s got this grown up look to her as drawn by Kris Anka (Uncanny X-Men).

If there’s anything that this third teaser has proven its that the Runaways are getting redesigned to look like the Runaways from the upcoming TV series.

Here’s what Karolina Dean looks like on the Runaways TV series which would be played by actress Virginia Gardner.

A bit of background for LSD aka Karolina Dean.

She’s an alien that belongs to the race called Majesdanians. Her father and mother were castmembers in TV’s General Hospital and were also members of “The Pride” together with the other Runaways’ parents. Her powers are solar based, she can fire energy beams and she can fly. And because of her alien heritage, she looks different whenever she uses her gifts.

Karolina identifies as lesbian and initially had feelings for Nico Minoru aka Sister Grimm. In a later adventure, she met the Skrull Xavin who joined the Runaways for a bit.

Last she appeared in the comics she had developed feelings for Power Pack’s Julie Power and that was around the time Avengers Academy (the book not the mobile game) was still in publication. Great thing about the character was that she was not shoehorned to be a lesbian. Her character arc didn’t read or looked pushed as well. She developed her romantic life neatly. I guess that’s what happens when there’s no editorial mandate for “diversity”.

Runaways will be released later part of 2017.

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