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Batman Beats Bane with a Headbutt (Batman # 20)

In the current storyline “I Am Bane” Batman manages to kick Bane’s ass with a solid headbutt. Spoilers for Batman # 20 by Tom King and David Finch.

So for the fifth part of the “I Am Bane” story arc, Batman and Bane finally get together for more out and out violence. Bane is in his full roided form while Batman is stuck with nothing but his wits and brawn.

Bane manages to beat up Batman pretty bad and hurt him even more by stepping on his back with bladed boots. (above)

As typical villains would do it, Bane gloats a bit.Only Bane smashes Batman’s head while gloating. Still typical villain stuff…

Batman snaps out of his massive beat down and reminds Bane who he is.

Batman # 20 batman headbutts bane

Right there from that splash alone, you know Batman’s gonna end up the victor. Man I suddenly have the urge to play Batman: Arkham Origins again.

batman # 20 batman beats bane i am bane finale

Batman beats Bane

When the dust settles, Batman picks himself up and has this vision where he has this conversation with *gasp* Martha.

Batman # 20 ends with Bruce Wayne saying goodbye to his mother in the afterlife and saying he’ll see her soon. Because he knows thats how his war on crime would end.

Batman # 20 bruce and martha

Thats how they ended “I Am Bane” and thats also pretty much of the meat for Batman # 20. Hope we get an epilogue of sorts before we begin the next story arc “The Button” which will crossover with The Flash title and will touch once more on the mystery of DC Rebirth.

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