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Cosplay Page Shares Threats of HIV Infection on Cosplay Conventions 

Many are raising eyebrows and giving a concerned vibe over a post that was written on the FB page “PH Cosplay Confession Sessions: No Holds Barred” which involves a threat of infecting congoers with HIV this year. Here’s the screenshot.

How does this page work? 

If you’ve got something to say about the cosplay community, you just leave a comment on the link which leads to the Google docs page. 

Usually it’s just harmless comments but this one shared on the page felt wrong. 

No, we’re not being sissies here. There’s always the real threat of this happening. And now more than ever with HIV on an all-time high in the Philippines, its a huge thing to hear and HIV threat. Its a lot of things that raises concerns. 

We have taken some actions already namely reporting the page and the poat (because malicious content and all that).

It also shows how shitty and immature some people are. Seriously, cosplay is healthy and fun hobby. If “nilamon ka ng Sistema” then you ought to get a new hobby or take a break.

Still it could be a troll but you need to get your head checked if you think this is funny. 

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