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In Honor of Chun-Li’s Birthday, Here’s Natascha Encinosa aka the Perfect Chun-Li

Today is Chun-Li‘s birthday and to celebrate this momentous date in gaming history, here’s a look at that model with the perfect Chun-Li thighs, Natascha Encinosa.

chun-li cosplay naty encinosa

Check out more of her photos after the jump.

I’m still trying to figure out how she goes from hottie model to the ultimate manifestation of Chun-Li in her alternate costume in a matter of days.

chun-li natascha encinosa (2)

You really can’t deny that she’s both got the look

chun-li natascha encinosa (1)

… and the thighs…

chun-li natascha encinosa (3)

More photos from her Twitter account…



A quick run through of her Twitter account shows that she’s really a fitness buff and that she can really kick some ass.


Speaking of…


Follow her on Twitter at @natyencinosa

Credits: Naty Encinosa’s Twitter


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  1. March 5, 2016

    […] damn. That’s all this blogger can say. Not that she could top that suddenly viral model that looks like Chun-Li┬ábut she can give her a run for her money in that black […]

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