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Show Your Love for Twisted Metal with the Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal Funko Pop!

Funko teases us with a bit of nostalgia with a peek at their upcoming figure – a Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal Funko Pop!


Here’s the official product description:

The most iconic face from the demolition derby game
Twisted Metal is coming to Pop! vinyl!

A psychotic murderous monster that hides behind a
vicious clown mask, Sweet Tooth features his head
of flaming hair and mischievous grin!

Add Sweet Tooth to your collection this
winter and get ready for mayhem!

Too bad for us Pinoy Funko pop enthusiasts and casual gaming geeks the Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal Funko Pop won’t be hitting stores this December but rather on January. This gives us ample time to pre-order and prep our wallets because I’m telling you Funko has no chill. January will also be the release date for the Resident Evil Funko Pop figures so be wary.

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