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Boruto Chapter 55 Spoilers – A long time Naruto ally dies

A massive nerfing has happened in this week’s chapter of Naruto with a long time Naruto ally dying to save our heroes! Here are Boruto chapter 55 spoilers!

Spoiler alert!

spoiler alert photo

So it looks like the tailed beast known as Kurama has officially said goodbye to his host Naruto in an emotional chapter. It’s been revealed in this chapter that Kurama lied to Naruto about the Baryon mode. He told Naruto that using this mode will kill both of them but instead it will just kill him.

And when that time came, he slowly dissipates with the Hokage just looking on. As he passes, he wishes Naruto to have a good life.

Naruto tried desperately to hold on to his friend but it did not do anything. Kurama is officially dead now, Naruto also no longer having the chakra he had before. Probably also one step closer to his eventual death in this series.

So lets all mourn the death of Kurama.

Oh and did we mention that Sasuke Uchiha also lost the Rinnegan?

Sasuke loses the rinnegan in Boruto

Sasuke loses the rinnegan in Boruto

Yeah, I hate this when this happens whether in manga or anime. What do you think of Boruto chapter 55 spoilers and all?

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