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Chauffeured luxury with Avis

You’d think that scheduling a flight in the afternoon was a great idea if you wanted to enjoy some proper sleep before you travel. But with the possible traffic being enough to discourage taxis from taking you to NAIA Terminal 3 on a weekday, you might as well sacrifice a few hours of sleeplessness to avoid missing the plane. And to add to your troubles, there’s the whole family in tow.


Of course, there are alternatives to taxis. App-based services have been a big help for all of us in need of a quick, hassle-free ride in and around the city. Unfortunately, family-sized vehicles aren’t always a guarantee, and availability also depends on their proximity to your location.

With all options seemingly exhausted, a good colleague of mine told me that I could always try booking a chauffeured service to drive me and the family from our house all the way to the airport. Thus, I found myself on the Avis website.

The good thing about Avis is you get to pick out a vehicle for your airport transfer needs. In my case, I needed a huge van to accommodate a family of six plus two other relatives and our vacation luggage, so I got us a Toyota Hi-Ace Grandia for the trip.

Aside from the vehicle, you also get to set the time for pickup. The flight was at 5PM, so I set our pickup time at 1PM. On the day of our flight, the Grandia was already at our door at Filinvest 1 in Quezon City just a little past noon—early enough for us to load our stuff without hurrying. The chauffeur was very courteous and gave us a hand.

The rest was relatively smooth and peaceful along Commonwealth Avenue and C5 to our destination, despite the occasional slowdown due to traffic. All the time, the chauffeur made sure to keep the ride pleasant and comfortable, so none of us felt rushed.

We reached NAIA 3 about 20 minutes before 3PM, pretty much within range of the expected travel time. The chauffeur once again helped with our luggage and made unloading a painless experience.

All in all, the service proved very convenient and I wouldn’t hesitate to book Avis if it means comfort for my family. So the next time you’ve got a flight, give Avis a try. For more details, check out their website at http://avis.com.ph/.

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