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Is This Really the End of Tony Stark? Civil War II # 7 Spoilers

Could we really be looking at the death of Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the pages of Civil War II # 7? Lets take a look at the issue and pass judgment afterwards!


The book by the way is written by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.

In this issue, we pick up with the Inhuman Ulysses and his “travels” where he finds himself in Old Man Logan’s “past” in the future; he gets attacked with a Hulk kid.


… and he gets to be saved by OML…



Ulysses gets Old Man Logan to talk about his past and how this happened to the world.


Since this is Bendis writing, we don’t get the old Old Man Logan story of how the world became one huge dumpster after the villains decided to organize. No, since this is editorially mandated, they retcon the story and have Logan tell young Ulysses that its because of what happened between Captain Marvel and Iron Man that led to the downward spiral. Editorially mandated plot of ResurrXion also pops up with the “Inhumans leaving Earth, sometime back”.

This encounter ends quickly and the next thing he knows it, Ulysses is back in New Atillan with Queen Medusa and Karnak still talking to him. He quickly makes his assessment and informs the royal family what needs to be done.


Meanwhile, back in the real world, Miles Morales gets the authorities to pay attention after he was spotted in Capitol Hill (where he was supposed to kill Steve Rogers)…



Before things get messy, Captain Marvel calls off the police and the military who held back Miles Morales. Then they also call in Captain America, Steve Rogers to talk some sense into the young Spider person.


Miles and Cap talk a bit before they get rudely interrupted by Carol…



Just when things are starting to smoothen up on its own, a forcefield materializes and its something that Captain Marvel cannot absorb. We then find out that it was Iron Man who’s behind the putting up of the force field and that he’s appeared in a new “Hulkbuster” that looks eerily similar to War Machine’s.



The issue ends with Carol hitting Tony with too much force in his chest area, which holds the repulsor battery that powers most of Iron Man’s suits.


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