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Rumors: TNA Having Money Problems, Bound for Glory 2016 at Risk

TNA Wrestling big wigs Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan (of Smashing Pumpkins) have stated publicly that there’s a possibility that there won’t be a Bound for Glory 2016 happening this weekend over in Orlando, Florida. The reason? No funds to put up the show.


Bound for Glory 2016 is scheduled for October 2 but according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, it might just not happen at all considering TNA has no money to fund the show AND air the pay-per-view event.

According to the radio show, it’s not that bleak, Billy Corgan (I still can’t believe that he’s actually involved in pro-wrestling now) is working hard to get the TNA brand and really own it. But the money needs to be produced before friday. Considering as of writing this it’s already Wednesday here (and Tuesday night in the US), it looks like they’ll be going through the gauntlet just to be able to give us Bound for Glory 2016.

Also its interesting to note that Corgan stepping up to the plate would also mean a complete transfer of ownership, which should be a good thing. Corgan’s been a big wrestling fan and it’s his love for the sport that made him the current TNA president.

Unfortunately, Corgan’s transfer of championship will take weeks before its completed and time is something that TNA and their equivalent to Wrestlemania have.

At the moment Dixie Carter still owns majority of the shares for TNA but with the financial woes at the gates of the 14 year old wrestling promotion, she may have to sell her shares just to keep TNA afloat.


It doesn’t help too that there are sharks swimming around TNA, namely Vince McMahon and WWE. The company has previously indicated that they are interested in purchasing the brand with the idea of getting everything from their taped events to talents including the hottest property the TNA has to offer, Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero aka Jeff Hardy.

Credits: Matt Hardy, TNA

Credits: Matt Hardy, TNA

We’ll update this story when news surfaces. We hope that they can muster something before Friday tbh.

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