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WWE TLC 2017 Poster is a Spoiler in Itself

Thanks to a leaked poster, we kinda know where the main push for WWE TLC 2017 would be and its a fan-favorite to be honest.

Check out the aforementioned WWE TLC 2017 poster and also spoiler alert.

Still there?

WWE TLC 2017 Poster

wwe tlc 2017 poster the shield

So its Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the poster. What gives?

You see fans have been clamoring for a Shield reunion for sometime now. They did a fake team-up last year at Survivor Series which blew up in their faces. This time I think, creatives and Vinny Mac wants to do it right and wants to make it stick for awhile.

While a few weeks won’t be enough to flesh out the trio realigning, its fairly easy to do it considering all three of them are currently faces. Plus Ambrose and Rollins are tag team champions so ita really convenient to have natural enemies.

Reigns may have a bit of problem and its because people don’t want him. Whatever WWE throws at involving him, fans just tend to reject it. Maybe they finally get it right and starting the Shield reunion could set Reigns in the right path towards positive fan response.

I want to think of this that all of this is a bike ride, and the Shield reuniting or even just realigning for a few months are training wheels. Once they feel like they can all go, particularly Roman Reigns, then they can just slowly remove the wheels. But that’s just me.

What do you guys think about the Shield reuniting? The WWE TLC 2017 poster? Leave a comment below.

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