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Top 5 Things #TeamFanboy Looks Forward to See in Asiapop Comicon 2016

Asiapop Comicon 2016 weekend is just around the corner, and we here at thefanboyseo.com are looking forward at the multitude of activities happening there. Here we list the top 5 items we personally look forward to:


1. The E-Sports Festival

dota 2 wallpaper


E-sports presence in the country has been in full swing this past few months after the successful hosting of ESL One and The Manila Majors, coupled with the TnC Pro Team’s strong showing in The International 6. APCC looks to continue the trend by hosting The E-Sports Festival, in cooperation with the Philippine E-Sports Organization and Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookstore. Various tournaments will be held with games such as DOTA 2, Overwatch, NBA 2K16 and League of Legends. Fighting game enthusiasts are going to look at the Street Fighter V tournament with curiosity, especially with the Manila Cup Capcom Pro Tour event happening two weeks from now.

Overwatch wallpaper


2. Philippine Wrestling Revolution at Asiapop Comicon 2016

pwr logo


In the US, it’s quite normal to see pro wrestlers make appearances in comic conventions. APCC will also be having pro wrestling in their schedule this year, courtesy of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution. PWR will be showcasing various matches throughout the 3 day affair, including two big title matches in Day 2. This also serves as major mainstream break for PWR as they look to further add in more members to the RevoNation.

3. Marvel’s Hall M

marvel studios new logo

At last year’s Asiapop Comicon 2016, a select number of visitors were treated to a special viewing of that time’s latest Civil War trailer. This year, Marvel looks to do more than that, as they will be doing the Hall M panel to APCC this year. Chief Marvel recruiter C.B. Cebulski will also be on hand to view artist portfolios, among other things.

4. Hirsohi Kitadani

jam project

Hiroshi Kitadani with the rest of JAM Project

This year has been exceptional for Filipino J-Pop and Anison fans. APCC will continue on that trend as veteran Anison artist and JAM Project member Hiroshi Kitadani is set to perform at the event. Best known for the One Piece opening theme “We Are”, Kitadani is sure to bring hype and hotbloodedness in the area.

5. Merchandise Galore

big boys toy store logo

What is a convention visit without merch hunting? This year we will be seeing a lot more merchandise sellers in the APCC area, including Team Fanboy favorites Big Boys Toy Store, Perry in Disguise and Wattatoys, to name a few. Tokidoki returns as well, making APCC a nice venue for merch hunting. Those are just some of the things that are happening at APCC. There’s a lot more that would be happening, including various meet and greets with Hollywood celebrities and the CAGE Cosplay Challenge (where you can see Ani-Mia in person).

Animia cosplay

We hope to see you at APCC / Asiapop Comicon 2016 this weekend!

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