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Best Pinoy Eleven Cosplay from Stranger Things (so far)

So now that we’re about to stat Asiapop Comicon 2016 Weekend, we take a quick look at Twitter to see what they have to offer for the best Eleven cosplay from Stranger Things and we found one.

This was shared on Twitter by twitter user Noe11e (@IndividNoellism)…

The cosplay itself is simple and they actually managed to shoot in a supermarket.

Here’s the thing, we give Noe11e’s Eleven cosplay a shining A+ for authenticity. They actually found Eggo in the supermarket they were in (time to renew my membership with S**)

Color us impressed. Maybe even Millie Bobby Brown would be impressed. Catch here this weekend at the APCC 2016 at the SMX Convention Center. Tickets onsale now.

She deserves a “follow” and to do so HERE

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