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Dolph Lundgren Joins the Cast of Arrow Season 5

Aside from being the end of dragging flashback sequences sprinkled all throughout the season, we’ll be getting a classic big guy joining the cast of Arrow season 5 in the form of Dolph Lundgren.

dolph lundgren

Lundgren’s character isn’t just a classic Green Arrow villain from DC Comics, he may or may not even have ties to classic Teen Titans lore.

The former Rocky villain and “Expendable” star is rumored to play the role of Kovar. If you follow the series closely Olicity aside, you may know that the villain was mentioned at the end of the series. And he may not be just a villain with a heavily Eastern European name, its also a callback to the Teen Titans character with the same last name, Leonid Kovar.


Red Star shows significant amount of superpowers in the comic books at least. In the fight against Superboy (which was where he really stood out for me in recent books) he was able to show super strength, super speed and more importantly energy powers which he recieved from aliens.


Entertainment Weekly’s news doesn’t relate whether Lundgren’s Kovar character would display the same things. It would be interesting to see that and have him and Stephen Amell aka Green Arrow fight in the finale; with Queen showing how good he is even without superpowers. But lets see, the producers might have a different plan entirely for the character and even have him turn up someplace else.

Arrow season 5 premieres October 5 on CW.


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  1. I love that show! Can’t wait for season 5.

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