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Megatron Looks Like an Evil Knight in Transformers: The Last Knight

Here’s our first look at Megatron for the new Michael Bay movie Transformers: The Last Knight

megatron transformers the last knight


So we’ve already seen what Barricade looks like, now its time to go look at the redesigns for his boss, Megatron.

You know what, the earlier comments that pelted the design does ring true, Megatron does resemble Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron


I do have a few questions here, like how the movie is set in space, how did Megatron manage to follow Optimus Prime? How did he go all chromie-bad again after he was reborn like metallic LEGO?

But more importantly, did he like fly off to space with some of the other Decepticons to follow Prime?


He gets a mean-looking sword but that won’t save him from being heckled as a one-off version of Ultron, and that’s actually saying a lot too. Also as of writing this post, it also occurred to me that he looks like Davie Jones from the Pirates of the Carribean film franchise.

davy jones


But you know what, to each his own. Maybe ol’ Megatron enjoys what he looks like at the moment.

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