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SDCC 2022 – Marvel Legends Retro Scorpion official images

Here’s a look at the upcoming Marvel Legends Retro Scorpion figure which is part of the continually growing Spider-Man: The Animated Series figures from Hasbro which was also first revealed at SDCC 2022!

And yes it looks like Scorpion’s tail is completely poseable. I have read comments that they are reusing the mold of the previously released Scorpion figure from a few years back. But hey, it looks like it came from Spider-Man: The Animated Series so it follows the aesthetics and looks of this line/ wave.

Check out more photos for the Marvel Legends Scorpion figure down below…

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In the animated series, the Scorpion was a villain indirectly created by J. Jonah Jameson whose goal was to take down Spider-Man but somewhere around the way, the man under the suit Mac Gargan just snapped and turned to a life of crime where he has been ever since. He has been a member of a number of different iterations of the Sinister Six both in the show and the comics and has even graduated to becoming the host for the Venom symbiote briefly when Norman Osborn was given control of the supervillain team. Now he’s back to being the Scorpion again in the books albeit with a new look.

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