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SDCC 2016 – ThunderCats Squares Off Againt He-Man in ThunderCats/He-Man # 1

DC Comics surprises fans with a new project that will spell NOSTALGIA during SDCC 2016. The publisher will release a limited series entitled Thundercats/He-Man # 1 and will spill all sorts of retro goodness.


Written by ROB DAVID and LLOYD GOLDFINE • Art and covers by FREDDIE E. WILLIAMS II
Wraparound coloring book cover by FREDDIE E. WILLIAMS II
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe team up with the ThunderCats—the epic crossover event you’ve waited thirty years to see! In his ever-living desire to destroy the mighty ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra quests for a weapon that can rival the legendary Sword of Omens: He-Man’s Sword of Power! But his dimension-spanning scheme kick starts a cataclysmic crisis that will embroil heroes and villains—Masters, Mutants and ThunderCats—in a mind-blowing six-part saga!
On sale OCTOBER 5 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED T

Check out the covers and additional artworks below:






I’m pretty excited with the possibilities in this project like a good fight between Lion-O and He-Man or some exchange of ideas between Panthro and Man-at-Arms. Or even some sort of catfight (no pun intended) between Leela and Cheetara.

Overall, this looks VERY VERY promising and I wish they’d released the book as soon as possible.

And if you’re in Metro Manila, I could suggest you pick up your copy of Thundercats / He-Man # 1 from Comic Odyssey.

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