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Visionaries Slowly Creeping Back with New SDCC 2016 Mighty Muggs

Visionaries:Knights of the Magical Light returns to toys once again with a new Mighty Muggs figure featuring the heroic Leoric.


Sciencefiction.com writes:

For ‘Visionaries’, we aren’t quite getting the same loving treatment. Rather than a full on updated rerelease of a classic ‘Visionaries’ character, this year at SDCC we’re getting a ‘Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light’ Leoric Mighty Mugg figure. Yes, you did read that correctly; Mighty Muggs are somehow still a thing that Hasbro is trying to make happen. Rumors are running rampant that the revitalized ‘Visionaries’ line wasn’t quite ready for SDCC yet, so we’re getting this Leoric Mighty Mugg figure instead. We suppose this will have to do for now, and hopefully we will be getting some actual new ‘Visionaries’ figures soon!

Sadly we don’t have any information on the price for the Visionaries Mighty Muggs. I do remember that when they sold the Mighty Muggs version of Iron Man (Mark IV) it reached as much as Php 2500. Maybe it could be the starting point for this particular figure!

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