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Official Images Released for DX Tousai Zyuoh

Our friends over at Jefusion breaks the story on the release of the official images for the DX Tousai Zyuoh from Bandai.

DX Tousai Zyuoh (2)

Credits: Jefusion

Tbh, I haven’t caught up with Doubutsu Sentai Zyouhger but I know that their sixth ranger is up for an appearance in this week’s or next week’s episode. Of course, he’s still a bad guy but we all know how the sixth ranger trope goes.

Anyway, good friend Gaiatron even calls the DX mech “awesome” and I agree!

DX Tousai Zyuoh (1)

Credits: Jefusion

The mech comes with three cube animals namely Cube Alligator, Cube Wolf and Cube Rhino.

DX Tousai Zyuoh (7)

Credits: Jefusion

Credits: Jefusion

Credits: Jefusion

Even better is the fact that you can totally put Cube Wolf and Cube Alligator into the Zyuoh King set where they become the leg and feet area for the mech. Sorry lads and lasses, there’s no photo of that available yet.

Lastly for the price, its set for around  8,856 yen and will be hitting Japanese toy stores 25th of June.

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