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Hasbro reveals Heavy Infantry The Mandalorian Figure

We don’t have an official The Mandalorian action figure in big toy stores at the moment but Hasbro knows that they can milk out more toy sales with this new spinoff series from Dave Filloni and Jon Favreau and yet here we are, another figure spotted online in the form of the heavy infantry The Mandalorian action figure.

There’s a big change with the color motiff for The Mandalorian for this Star Wars The Black Series scale figure. Instead of the normal colors we’ve already seen in past episodes, this one’s color blue and we also ditch the usual equipment for a radically different one including a heavy machine gun.

We still get the usual armaments and you can also put the heavy machine gun on the Mandalorian’s back for other poses!

Lastly, check out what the figure looks like in packaged form…

No official word when this figure will be released but you can bet this would be around Php1500 to Php2000 depending on where you would get it or from whom.

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