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Agents of SHIELD Character Grant Ward is Now a Comic Book Character

While I may have lost interest in Agents of SHIELD completely after season 1, I still keep track of the things happening on that particular segment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today it looks like a former good guy will be transitioning from TV screens to comic book pages. So lets all welcome or boo Grant Ward.


The dude has a pretty messed up story beat being introduced as a good guy before showing his true colors as a member of HYDRA working under SHIELD’s nose. He is later captured after the fall of SHIELD and Black Widow’s outing of HYDRA as a part of SHIELD.

Around the second season he was sort-of working with his sort-of love interest Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennett) as well as serving as an advisor to some extent to Phil Coulson who assumes the role of director of SHIELD after Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) abandons the position.

Then he died and his got body became a new host for a new baddie or so I’m told. Again as much as I want to start Agents of SHIELD, its just not doing much to entice me to.

Hopefully the comic book version of Ward could do the trick. I mean for the first two issues of Agents of SHIELD, I loved how Phil Coulson chooses his operatives for missions; like that time he contacted Invisible Woman to work on a sensitive case.

grant ward vs phil coulson iron man

My question though is where did Ward get the Iron Man armor?

grant ward vs phil coulson iron man

Agents of SHIELD # 5 is coming out next week.

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