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NYCC 2022 – Superman Family gets updated roster and new looks

DC Comics has revealed new cover for an upcoming issue of Action Comics during NYCC 2022 which also gives us a look at the updated Superman family roster led by our boy Clark Kent.

The cover below with the Superman family comes from Action Comics # 1051 which is drawn by Dan Mora and features Superman, “the Twins”, Jon Kent, Supergirl, Kenan Kong, Superboy Conner Kent and Natasha Irons.

Mora also provided a look at the redesigns for the costumes for the various members of Superman’s superheroic family.

The current writer for Action Comics, Phillip Kennedy Johnson has stated in the NYCC 2022 panel that he is working closely with Tom Taylor (Son of Kal-El) and Joshua Williamson (Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths) to get a more cohesive story with the characters they share namely Superman and Jon Kent.

The writer also promised to flesh out more stories for John Henry Irons aka Steel and Natasha Irons who has been in the background for a long while now.

Lastly, at the panel, it was also stated that the Action Comics book will be telling a structured story involving the Super-Family and not just one ongoing story.

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