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Batman # 50 Spoilers

The Big Five-Oh has finally arrived for DC Comics’ Batman and now I’m doing a massive Batman # 50 spoilers post for you guys. Just remember that this is incomplete and if you want all the small details, please pick up the book. I’m doing that too tomorrow when the malls open again here in the Philippines.

Batman (2011-) 050-000

Anyway, the book is written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo and Yannick Paquette. Covers are done by Capullo (above) and Drew Johnson (below).

Batman (2011-) 050-005

With Bruce Wayne once again reclaiming the mantle of Batman through a very odd way last issue, we finally see him gearing up to be Gotham’s dark protector and just in time because the city is in ruins again thanks to Bloom and his maniacal plan to destroy Gotham City and build a new one from the ashes.

Batman (2011-) 050-006

I don’t recall Bruce using the Batman Beyond costume in the New 52. Maybe Tim Drake but not Bruce Wayne.

Like I said, Bloom is wreaking havoc all over Gotham and he’s already managed to beat up current Batman, Jim Gordon pretty badly.

Batman (2011-) 050-008

The Batman task force respond but their armors are taken over by Bloom. Oh and they open fire on civilians too.

Batman (2011-) 050-009

Gordon is hiding in the GCPD rooftop together with Alfred Pennyworth’s daughter Julia when they get attacked by a few thugs powered up with Bloom’s ‘seeds’. Before they could really do some damage, Batman reappears and pretty much shows off in the next few pages. Here’s a look at that moment.

Batman (2011-) 050-011

Batman (2011-) 050-012

Batman (2011-) 050-013

Batman (2011-) 050-014

Gordon and Wayne talk for awhile before Bloom’s big plan reveals itself. He’s made a giant star set to obliterate the city powered up with the seeds that everybody in Gotham has been using. Talk about getting cooked in your own grease.

Batman (2011-) 050-015

Batman originally wanted to have Gordon go to a hospital to be treated for his wounds and injuries and even makes sure that the cuffs he uses will only release when he gets to Gotham’s hospital.

Batman (2011-) 050-016

In another part of town ROBINS leader Duke Thomas confronts a friend Daryl Gutierrez about the connection between them, Penguin and the Seeds that power Bloom and the Strange Star.

Batman (2011-) 050-018

Duke’s story in interesting in the sense that he’ll factor in for the climax of the battle with Bloom. Let’s just say this is an exposition on the hows and whys of Bloom becoming so powerful in such a short time.

Bats on the other hand makes it to Kaiju-Bloom and a fight ensues…

Batman (2011-) 050-020

… only the new Bat-Villain has managed to twist and corrupt the Batmen armor to become notable representations of other Batman villains; but they get beaten up easily. This is Batman anyway.

Batman (2011-) 050-022

Bloom even goes as far as turning a Bat-mech into a Joker manifestation.

Batman (2011-) 050-023

Batman takes over and gets his to fight Bloom in equal terms.

Batman (2011-) 050-030

That’s until that kaiju-fied villain burns the Bat-mech and is about to deliver the killing blow.

Batman (2011-) 050-034

Remember Duke Thomas? Well he takes that Bat-Dirigible and saves Wayne by blasting Bloom. Then when the baddie attacks, he magnetizes him so he’s stuck. Then Duke jumps from the blimp, gets the parachute cords snapped and gets rescued by Batman mid-air.

Batman (2011-) 050-039

With Bloom down Gordon saves Gotham City by using this new energy absorbing element called “Batmanium” then blacks out. He wakes up in the hospital with his beard growing and gets his old job back as police commissioner.

Batman (2011-) 050-047

And hey he even gets his loyal pal Harvey Bullock back for good measure. Really thought that guy bit the bullet in “Endgame”.

Meanwhile Bruce Wayne gets a hold of Duke Thomas.

Batman (2011-) 050-049

Looks like the rumors are true, we get another new Robin as DC Comics enters its “Rebirth” era.

Pick up the book, you’ll love the story, and even I got a sense of redemption for Gordon. Sorry though as I really skipped the Bat books when they announced that commissioner Gordon will be the new Batman for the time being.

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