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Superman # 50 Review

Reviewing Superman # 50 written by Gene Luen Yang with art from Howard Porter, Ardian Syaf, Patrick Zircher and Jon Bogdanove.

Superman (2011-) 050-000

This issue had three covers including an awesome Batman v Superman variant cover done by Kaare Andrews.

Superman (2011-) 050-004

It’s also the conclusion of the months long powerless Superman and the rise to fame of one immortal caveman named Vandal Savage.

Superman (2011-) 050-007

In this issue, Superman finally gets his powers back, ditches his old “Superboy” costume and short hair. The New 52 Superman is definitely kicking ass once more and just in time for both the BvS movie and the upcoming “Rebirth” title coming really soon.

In the meantime, DC Comics needs to tip-toe around the fact that the New 52 Man of Steel has been compromised and its all because of Clark’s former love interest, Lois Lane.

ART: I love the rotating artists for this issue. Each artist brings a distinct style for the era that Superman finds himself in. Standing out in this is the art of Howard Porter who brings old school with new school sensibilities. Actually I can’t pick because they all looked great in print.

STORY: To be honest, I kinda zoned out of the Superman books for quite sometime now. This has become more of the alien rather than the man. I did pick up Superman # 50 because I want to see how an era ends. Sorry to say this DC fans but it does not end with a bang but with a whimper. Still the book stands on it’s own legs.

Superman (2011-) 050-023

Oh and I got my money’s worth seeing “General Superman” lead a group of heroes and villains against alien invaders. I just love it for its silliness.

DIALOGUE: Oh my fucking god, did Superman just borrow Spider-Man’s “With Great Powers comes Great Responsibility” line? I think they did. Should we be mad? Depends. Personally though, I though it was funny the way they treated that moment in the book.

Superman (2011-) 050-029

VERDICT: If this is going to bookend the story then I am disappointed. But if there’s one last major story arc that ties everything down then this is serviceable. I suddenly miss the old writing team here to be honest. Oh DC what are you doing to Superman?



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