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Amy Jo Johnson writing a 4 part Power Rangers book titled Power Rangers: The Return

The original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson aka Kimberly Hart will be doing a limited series titled Power Rangers: The Return

Check out the full cover below:

Johnson will be writing the book together with Matt Hotson while artist Nico Leon will be doing the interiors. Artist Dan Mora will also be doing covers for the book as you can see above.

Get this, this Boom Studios book was announced as a Kickstarter project with a goal of $50,000 and is well past that goal in less than an hour according to reports.

The story is pretty interesting too as it’s another alternate reality where the original Power Rangers never broke up and instead operated until their adult lives.

They do disband after an unspecified event which broke them apart with only Red Ranger Jason operating as a vigilante. Power Rangers: The Return picks up when the team reunites to track down Jason who has vanished.

The series will run for four issues and could pave the way for more similar stories in the future.

Will you be picking the book up when it’s released in the regular market?

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