We all know now that Star Movies has become Fox Movies but did you know that it somehow fits our cravings with it’s weekly offerings and themed evenings?

That’s right, there’s definitely something brewing with Fox Movies that makes us want to go home early, plop down the couch and just plant yourself on the TV (even grab a good dinner while you’re at it). So aside from rebranding to Fox Movies, the channel formerly known as Star Movies offers a different viewing experience every evening for their prime time block.

One of the best things about this new channel is the fact that its got every film genres like action, adventure, comedy, romance and drama and even horror once in a while. Here’s the breakdown for the blocks on FOX.

Tuesdays are Reel Feels,

Laugh out loud on Wednesdays for Comedy Club

Fridays are slam bang actions with Action Nation

Saturdays are blockbuster premieres for the channel

But more than that it reaches sublime levels of meta-ness. In some weird way, FOX Channel gets its viewers mood. Feeling the urge to watch semi-classic Disney movies? They got that like films like Saving Mrs. Banks

and underrated classics like Atlantis.

The new channel has perfect timing written all over it.

I have to give them credits too, they have the BIGGEST library of films on Cable TV. So lets see, they have 20th Century Fox films, Disney films and even a few Warner Bros. films. Those three alone combines hours and hours of entertainment right in the comfort of your own home.

Speaking of Disney library, they get first dibs in showing all the fresh Marvel Studios films, which for me is a big deal. This year alone, during the party for the switch from Star Movies to Fox Movies, they were already hyping the release on cable TV of Captain America: Civil War

… as well as Doctor Strange.


Oh and lets all not forget that they recently started screening Star Wars: The Force Awakens (starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, directed by JJ Abrams).

Then there are the X-Men movies as well as Deadpool. My god. That’s a ton of good to great superhero movies all in one roof! The thought of it makes me go gaga!

Fox Movies also fits the mood whenever you’ve got guests or friends over. There have been several instances, just last week when I had the nephews visit the house. Obviously you’d expect a lot of pizza parties and rough and tumbling and even countless hours on the Playstation 4. But there was always a few hours where we find ourselves glued to the TV screens.

I also consider Saturdays as one of the best nights because they premiere new movies during the evenings. No need to book tickets and an Uber or Grab ride to the nearest mall because me and the family have everything we need. I guess all we would need is a good dinner and probably coffee for me and we are all set.

FOX Movies Something for Everybody

One of the real selling points for Fox Movies isn’t just the movies it plays 24/7. Its the connection it makes with each and every viewer at different times of the day. A lovestruck single guy or a heartbroken girl can watch a film like “Me Before You” at the same time and it would have a big impact in their mood.

Or a father and son tandem watching “Avengers” could shorten the gap between them and pave the way for a better relationship down the road.

It’s this human element and potential for big things that truly makes FOX Movies such a standout channel for me.

Fox Movies Benefits

We all know the features of both the channel and recently launched app so what about the benefits? Here are some of these benefits.

  • It has a good set of different movie genres including horror, thriller, action, superhero, adventure and romance.
  • You can definitely enjoy watching GREAT movies without leaving your house and get caught in traffic and other hassles.
  • You can bank on FOX MOVIES to brighten your bedroom or living room with some room for bathroom breaks too!
  • If you want to enjoy Fox Movies even when away from your place, you can get FOX+ with its free 30-day trial. Here you can legally stream movies and even give access to the kids with just one account.

Don’t forget to download the FOX+ app TODAY! Click on the links for Android and iOS to learn more


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