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Marvel Future Avengers Season 2 Announced

Japanese broadcast company DLife has announced Marvel Future Avengers season 2 coming this year and they’ll be bringing regular characters like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor plus other Avengers for more Avengers adventures....


Castlevania Season 2 Announced by Netflix

Here’s our first salvo of Castlevania season 2 news! So that’s right, Warren Ellis and the Belmonts will be back for Castlevania season 2 for Netflix. The first season of Castlevania was released last...


Sunrise Announces a New Tiger & Bunny Project Coming Soon

Tiger & Bunny is coming back soon as revealed by it’s maker, Sunrise. 「TIGER & BUNNY」新アニメシリーズプロジェクト始動!待望の新シリーズが企画中であることを発表いたしました。続報は公式サイト、公式ツイッター等で今後発表予定です。どうぞお楽しみにお待ちください。 #tigerbunny https://t.co/hHW0d9vBQ0 pic.twitter.com/kSIaRzMlnB — TIGER & BUNNY (@TIGERandBUNNY) January 5, 2018 No other details have been released but...


Reports: HEROTV to Close on January 31st 2018

Reports are coming in that anime-oriented cable channel HEROTV is set to make its final broadcast on January 31st 2018. AnimePilipinas shared that the channel won’t be broadcasting anymore after 12 years on cable...


Metal Build Mazinger Infinity Spotted

Here’s a quick look at the upcoming Metal Build Mazinger Infinity which will make its grand appearance in next year’s Mazinger Infinity movie which will be screened in Japan. The really shocking twist here...