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First Look at McFarlane Toys Marvel Figures featuring Spider-Man and Captain America comic book covers

You are reading this right, McFarlane Toys Marvel Figures are indeed happening with the first two products between the two brands already been announced being non-articulated figures based on classic comic book covers from Marvel.


Check out the full images for these non-articulated figures after the cut.

The first one and probably the most important one for Todd McFarlane himself is this cover for Amazing Spider-Man which is based on the classic cover drawn by McFarlane in the 90s. The one you see above is based on Amazing Spider-Man # 301…

We will also be getting a McFarlane Toys Captain America figure based on another Amazing Spider-Man cover, Amazing Spider-Man # 323

Honestly I was surprised with this announcement especially since McFarlane is also closely working with DC Comics for their DC Multiverse action figure line.

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, McFarlane stated that he was initially joking about doing Marvel figures with people from Marvel but he knew that this won’t push through until he started work on the Avatar action figures which falls under the Disney umbrella. This was when the talks between the two entities began.

The DC Multiverse will continue apparently with McFarlane still pinch-hitting the development and marketing of these figures. The biggest difference between here and the Marvel Legends Hasbro line is that the figures are not poseable. It’s pretty much a statue based on comic book covers and possibly artworks down the line. This also isn’t something new for McFarlane Toys because the brand is already producing statues featuring DC Comics characters including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom stuff.

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