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Transformers Hot Wheels Optimus Prime coming soon

Hasbro and Hotwheels are officially coming up with a Transformers Hotwheels collection set for release soon and the first one is the Hotwheels Transformers Optimus Prime.

hot wheels transformers optimus prime

Check out more photos after the cut.

hot wheels transformers optimus prime

This would be part of the Mattel Creations line and is gearing up for a pre-order in the next two days or so.

According to the Mattel website the Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime is priced at $80 and will be limited to three pieces per order. Shipping will also beging around middle of June 2024 and will be shipped through most parts of the world.


Here’s the product description from the Mattel Creations website:

Two of the biggest fandoms have come together for the first time with the Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime. Modeled after his first appearance in Generation 1, this die-cast version of the Autobot leader can convert from a heavy-duty truck cab into a towering robot, ready to battle the Decepticons. We even designed the packaging so you could display it in either vehicle or robot mode.

Hot Wheels® Transformers™ Optimus Prime
Features: Attachable hands and ion blaster
Body Color: Spectraflame red and blue
Body Type: ZAMAC
Wheels: Custom Real Riders wheels
Base: Die-cast chassis
Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
Scale: 1:64

The packaging is also pretty neat if you ask me.

You can also display the product in this fashion…

Pretty great for Hasbro and Mattel for choosing to use the Transformers Generation 1 design.

Really the best beat for me would have to be the ability to actually transforms into the truck.

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