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First Look at DC Multiverse Dark Knight Returns wave with a horse for the build-a-figure

This is interesting new wave from McFarlane Toys. Here’s our first look at the upcoming DC Multiverse Dark Knight Returns wave of action figures!

Dc multiverse batman dark knight returns

This wave will consist of four main figures namely Batman, Superman, Robin and Joker and the really cool and insane thing here is that the build-a-figure for this wave is an actual horse.

This isn’t the first time they did something insane or out there. Remember McFarlane Toys already released an oversized Bane build a figure from the Last Knight on Earth wave.

Then they also did the Darkfather wave which was also big when built…

And in case you don’t know where the connect with the horse is in the Frank Miller book, it was when Batman started organizing the rioters and citizens of Gotham City.

It would be fun to watch videos of reviewers and collectors building the TDKR horse. Definitely want to see what it looks like and if it can really support the massive Batman figure.

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