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Will Mikhael’s Latest Single “Akong Addiction” Fills You With Emotions Of Ecstasy

Will Mikhael makes his mark anew with the release of his latest single “Akong Addiction” out now under Universal Records Philippines.

Accompanied with an official lyric visualizer, the song finds the young Cebuano singer-songwriter in deep infatuation or obsession with someone. The lyrics express intense feelings of attraction and admiration towards a woman the singer has just met. (WATCH LYRIC VISUALIZER HERE)

The singer is captivated by the woman’s physical appearance (“gwapahan ko sa’imong face” – “I am mesmerized by your face”) and finds her irresistible, using phrases like “ikaw na akong addiction” (You are my addiction) and “Na-addicted nako” (I am addicted to you) to convey this overwhelming attraction.

With the release of this trilingual R&B track (in English, Filipino, and Cebuano) Will Mikhael became the latest cover of Spotify PH’s BISDAK Playlist

At the same time, “Akong Addiction” made it to other Spotify playlists such as OPM Says Chillax, Pinas Vibes, Sappy and Senti, and Relax Tayo.

Will Mikhael also has an upcoming big event. He is set to kick off the stage for Jesse Barrera + Albert Posis: The Hold On Tight Tour on May 25, 2024, at The Podium Hall. He’s set to open the concert with his awesome original songs.

“Akong Addiction” is now out on your favorite digital streaming platforms.


Stream “Akong Addiction”:

Spotify | Lyric Video Audio Clip and Hi-res Photos



Facebook: www.facebook.com/willymikhael

X (Formerly Twitter): @willmikhaelx

Instagram: @theofficialwillmikhael

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/13dw9nAz9MLBNwWVOsxHWP?si=8e5965cTSj60yghIIhO__Q

TikTok: @willmikhaelx



Facebook: facebook.com/universalrecordsph

X (Formerly Twitter): @universalrec_ph

Instagram: @universalrecordsph

TikTok: @universalrecph

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