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Kyoto Mayor Calls Out Kim Kardashian Over Kimono Solutionwear

If you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian is creating a new line of “solutionwear” and she’s calling it “Kimono solutionwear”. And while she may be getting away with normal people calling her out for “Cultural Appropriation” the city of Kyoto isn’t having any of her shit.

So what the hell is a “solutionwear”? Apparently its just a fancy name for corsets and girdles marketed for the modern woman. The name was actually a riff on her name, just like her other business endeavors like Kimoji and KKW Beauty. And while she has made it clear that she won’t change the name despite the public outcry, the call outs just keep coming including a written letter from the current mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa.

And knowing how damn good her PR team is, if and when she does visit Japan, it’s going to make her sell more of Kimono Solutionwear and not convince her that naming her corsets and spanx would be a terrible idea.

If you want more proof that she doesn’t care, she already recently filed trademarks to the brand. She has applied for eight, around variations on the name and its design, and in classes that include Clothing and Apparel Products, Leather Products (not including clothing) and Advertising, Business and Retail Services.

Let’s see how this will evolve.

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