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AI “artist” gets burned badly by One Piece animator after heated exchange

AI art is such a divisive topic anywhere which even trickles down to anime and such. Just the other day, this story went viral when an “AI artist” posted his “art” of Monkey D Luffy from Eichiro Oda’s seminal anime series One Piece and ultimately got burned after an encounter with somebody who knows his stuff.

Above you’ll see the AI artist flaunting his AI-generated artwork featuring One Piece’s Luffy. What’s unclear was whether he was watching One Piece and just saw an episode or he’s just seen AN episode of One Piece for the first time.

The post gets RT’ed a ton and catches the attention of Jose B. Rebolledo who commented that his “art” needs to be colored properly with a follow up suggestion being actually “learning to draw”.  Homeboy Oscar here didn’t take that critique lightly and responds to the tweet by saying that Jose couldn’t make an illustration like the AI-generated artwork he did.

I can only imagine how livid Mr. Rebolledo was when he saw that snarky response. So the dude just ups and posts this.

He shows up and burns the AI artist with a screenshot of one of the credits for One Piece highlighting in yellow his name.

He also says that he can actually do better than just “draw” Luffy, he can actually animate his art because he’s a legit animator working on the One Piece anime.

To be honest that was a satisfying take down. Wish “AI artist” didn’t feel so overconfident about their “works” to the point that he/she/they have to step on actual artists who continue to hone their craft day in and day out.

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