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Nightwing vs Peacemaker – Titans: Beast World # 5

One of the better highlights from DC ComicsTitans: Beast World event book has to be that Nightwing vs Peacemaker fight that happened in issue 5 of the book.

Check out the rest of the fight after the cut! But before that, SPOILER ALERT for Titans: Beast World # 6 by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis.

Nightwing is aided by the Titans into getting inside the secret base of operations of Amanda Waller who aims to use all weapons available to kill the people that have been transformed into animals by Beast Boy’s “Starro” spores all around the world. Of course Nighwing doesn’t want this to happen so he tries speaking to Waller before he decides to take the next course of action. When he gets inside, Waller’s personal bodyguard, Peacemaker is there to defend Waller.

Waller is obviously trying to get rid of Dick Grayson while at the same time keeping her hands clean so it’s up to Peacemaker to do her bidding.

Nightwing disarms Peacemaker with his sticks and the two begin fighting mano-a-mano.

The fun thing about this page is that they are trying to channel John Cena‘s version of Peacemaker from the James Gunn directed HBO show where he’s this adorable dimwit with a penchant and skill for violence. Nightwing‘s take on this though is something a lot of comic book fans know and notice about “The Suicide Squad” surprise villain, that anybody could just twist his helmet and he loses tactical advantage. I just wasn’t expecting to see that aspect getting explored.

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