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What’s up with the DC Hispanic Heritage month Green Lantern cover controversy?

So what’s up with the DC Comics Hispanic Heritage month Green Lantern cover and what’s people exactly up in arms about it?

Ok so this is a rough timeline of what happened and at the end let’s cite some reasons why this became problematic for the Latin American crowds.

At the start, DC Comics released details for the covers that will “celebrate” Hispanic Heritage Month and these were four covers featuring DC superheroes and characters that have hispanic blood. These characters include:

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Blue Beetle


One social media post writes:

Seriously I cannot get over how pathetically uncreative these covers are when it comes to visually representing Hispanic heritage
These variant covers were revealed back in June and states that they also plan on releasing new stories which will feature Latin American characters  just in time for September.

Only problem is, the artwork just focuses on Latin food / Mexican food.

This generated more heat and criticism from Latino fans and artists stating that these covers have “reduced their communities to cliches.”

Hawkgirl is even depicted as a waitress working at the “Platanitos Fritos Cafeteria,” while one shows Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle flying through the air with tacos.

But the biggest offender of this batch was the Kyle Rayner cover which was drawn carrying a bag of tamales in space with a flag which reads “Viva Mexico”. The artist who did the cover, Jorge Molina started to drop some of his thoughts on his Twitter account. Here are some of what he posted.

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