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Vivamax releases Pantasya ni Tami official poster starring Azi Acosta, Erica Balagtas and more

Vivamax continues to promote their upcoming sex-drama film Pantasya ni Tami despite getting flak from the cosplay community and they even released the Pantasya ni Tami poster online today!

Check out the trailer after the cut…

Surprisingly, the poster doesn’t have any real connection with the world of cosplaying aside from lead actress Azi Acosta wearing a skimpy outfit and having bunny ears. The poster is pretty obvious in selling the sex element with all three ladies in scantily clad clothing.


Ibang level ang PANTASYA NI TAMI!

Here’s the OFFICIAL POSTER of Newest Vivamax Original Film, ‘PANTASYA NI TAMI’!
Starring Vivamax A-lister Azi Acosta, Jiad Arroyo, Ali Asistio, Erika Balagtas, Shiena Yu, Zia Zamora, Sherly Fuentes and PJ Abellana. Directed by Topel Lee and Easy Ferrer.

World Premiere this January 26 only on Vivamax!

And here’s the trailer for the film that really got a lot of cosplayers riled up…

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