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Pantasya ni Tami is Vivamax’s take on cosplay culture and bold

The upcoming film Pantasya ni Tami is pretty much Vivamax’s take on cosplay culture mixed with well a lot of adult stuff which stars Azi Acosta as the titular Tami and her fantasies and life as a cosplayer on the rise.

Judging from the trailer that came out today, this looks to be a drama surrounding Acosta’s Tami and her life as a cosplayer. Then there’s also some betrayal and oh god they’ve even mentioned stuff like “gravure”.

At least they made Azi Acosta do a kabedon.

Check out the trailer below:

And you know what, I’m all for the giggles for this.

Seriously though, Azi Acosta had potential. She was good in Pamasahe where she played this distraught woman with a dark secret and she’s been getting meatier roles. Of course I wouldn’t know much anymore but she could get better in time and with training.

Pantasya ni Tami also stars Azi Asistio, Jiad Arroyo, Erica Balagtas, Shiena Yu, Zia Zamora, PJ Rosario and special participation of PJ Abellana and Shirley Fuentes. The film is directed by Topel Lee and Easy Ferrer.

Streaming January 26

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