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Marvel introduces new tech based Ultimate Green Goblin in Ultimate Spider-Man # 1

The first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto brings us back to a vastly different Ultimate Universe where they did a major reset including villains like the Green Goblin.

In this universe, the new Goblin looks more like a green and purple Iron Man on a glider rather than a maniac wearing a mask and unitard. He makes his grand appearance by blowing up Wilson Fisk’s car as the latter leaves a meeting at the Daily Bugle. This was a far cry from Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley’s rendition of Norman Osborn’s Hulk-like version from the first Ultimate Spidey book.

And while the identity of this character is a mystery, it’s fun to speculate whether this is a secretly alive Ultimate Norman Osborn, an angry Harry Osborn or a completely new character.

It took awhile before I actually appreciated the first Ultimate GG but looking at the science theme for Hickman’s Spider-Man, I can definitely go with the new version. My only hope is for them to give a few tweaks and give the new Goblin something to make him look familiar with old school Marvel fans.

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