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The Biggest Changes for Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man # 1

Spoilers for Ultimate Spider-Man # 1 by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto from Marvel Comics!

The additional context here is that the Ultimate U Reed Richards aka The Maker had traveled twenty years in the past and took away the radioactive spider that would have turned Peter Parker into the Spider-Man, that meant he lived a somewhat good life, married Mary Jane Watson and have two kids one named Richard and another named May Parker. Sometime before the start of this new book, there was a big fight in New York that ultimately killed a lot of people including Aunt May Parker.

So here are the quick fire changes to Parker’s life.

Peter has a good looking home

Without being Spider-Man, Peter looks to have managed a good life for himself and his family. He looks like a bum yeah but he’s pretty capable of providing for his family.

MJ Still Looking Great

While looking like a dork, Parker’s wife is still as attractive. The thing is she’s also a businesswoman as mentioned in the latter part of issue 1. And artist Marco Checchetto did an amazing art of her hair.

J Jonah Jameson no longer screaming at Peter

Well he still shouts “Parker” but that’s because Ben Parker has been working as the “Managing Editor” of the Daily Bugle for some time now they work closely together and are friends. Not to mention Jameson also treats Peter Parker like a son, showing a softer side.

Matt Murdock never became Daredevil

In this new Ultimate Universe, it looks like Matt Murdock followed the way of the cross and became a priest rather than a superpowered lawyer with a penchant for beating up bad guys with his radar sense.

Norman Osborn grew up pretty OK (?)

With the meddling of The Maker, Peter and Norman never became high school friends. At least he never turned into the Green Goblin partly because Norman Osborn died early too in the same terrorist attack that killed Aunt May.

There is a new Ultimate Green Goblin 

With the return of the Ultimate U, we could also expect to see some Ultimate versions of classic Spidey villains, case in point, a new Green Goblin that looks so different from the demonic looking one in Brian Michael Bendis’ run.

The Truth is founded by Ben Parker and J Jonah Jameson

This is a nice touch. Remember “The Truth” which easily connected the Spidey books with other characters namely Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, well its coming over to this universe as well. It’s a nice touch for long time comic book readers who liked that part of the era.

Tony Stark brings back Spider-Man

The underlying story that will eventually resurface in the Ultimate Universe would be the return of the Maker and the return of Tony Stark who isn’t Iron Man here but rather Kang. For the meantime though, it’s through Tony that Peter Parker gets that void in his life filled out with the arrival of the details that were stolen from him as well as the actual irradiated spider.

And with that issue 1 ends of Ultimate Spider-Man and we need to see how Hickman would improve the world of Peter Parker or would he destroy it?

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