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Devil Hulk Persona Returns in Immortal Hulk # 38

Al Ewing and company continues to bring in more and more classic Hulk stuff in his current run in the Immortal Hulk book as the classic Devil Hulk persona returns.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

spoiler alert photo

The main gist of this issue features The Leader who was recently revealed as the mastermind for all the problems that has plagued Bruce Banner.

To make matters worse, he’s already taken over the “Worldbreaker” persona from Banner. He thinks that this would be the most powerful personal inside Banner (and he’s kinda right especially if you’ve read Planet Hulk and World War Hulk).

And just when he thought that he’s won the day, another green door emerges and something comes out that makes The Leader scared and dumbfounded.

Devil Hulk states that while he’s buried deep within, Samuel Sterns aka Leader made a fatal mistake. He hurt both The Hulk and Banner. And the Devil Hulk doesn’t allow anybody to hurt Banner especially after what he went through in his childhood.

And then we see a full page spread of the Devil Hulk, ready to pummel and smash.

Pretty stoked to see what happens to Sterns and here’s to hoping we get to extend the Immortal Hulk run. It’s easily one of the best versions of the Hulk in the past few decades to be honest.

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