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SISTAR19 releases No More (Ma Boy) Concept Photo to promote their upcoming release

SISTAR19 is definitely back and they are starting the game early by promoting their upcoming stuff including the concept photo for the digital single “No More (Ma Boy)”.

Here’s what they wrote on their Facebook page:

🎧 2024. 01. 16. 6PM (KST)
#SISTAR19 #씨스타19
#보라 #BORA

We even get to see the track titles for their upcoming release.

SISTAR 19 is the subgroup of the South Korean girl group known as Sistar which was formed in 2011 by Starship Entertainment. The duo is composed of Bora who serves as the rapper and Hyolyn as the singer. The duo debuted in May 2011 with the song “Ma Boy” followed by their second single “Gone Not Around Any Longer”. This was released in 2013 from an EP of the same title as well.

SISTAR19 – Ma Boy


The group disbanded in June 4, 2017 together with the main Sistar group but they have since reunited and are coming up with new material including the ones coming January 16.


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