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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters S1E9 Spoilers makes us want to get Episode 10 ASAP

The ending of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters S1E9 just made me at least want to get to episode 10 already for good reason.

SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen the episode.

So by the end of this episode, we get to know what exactly happened to Shaw and how his trip to the “Hollow Earth” aka the realm of the monsters has changed him and how much has changed since he went on that mission. Shaw (Kurt Russell) together with May (Kiersey Clemons) are still stuck in this world and they continue to look for Cate Randa (Anna Sawai) who has been separated from them. In the woods, Cate encounters a creature called a “Bramble Boar”. As she was about to be eaten, an arrow pierces the creature’s head and it runs away.

We then see that the arrow was shot by none other than Keiko Randa (Mari Yamamoto)

So it turns out that the whole decades since she was “dead”, she was actually alive and kicking ass in the Hollow Earth. But unlike Shaw who managed to find a way out, Keiko’s been stuck in this world for a long time now forcing her to learn how to hunt.

Just to jot your memory, Keiko fell down the hole in Kazakhstan during their investigation in the area where they encountered smaller baby kaiju bugs. Shaw and Keiko try to escape but only Shaw manages to reach safety. Keiko is swamped by the bugs and she is presumably killed.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is now streaming on Apple TV.

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