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X-Men # 28 Spoilers – the fate of Sunfire and the return of a classic villain turned good guy

Time for some X-Men # 28 spoilers by Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara and still part of the ongoing Fall of X storyline!


While the cover focuses on the fight between Firestar and Juggernaut, which really does happen in the issue, we’re taking a look at another subplot which is what has happened to Sunfire who quit the team and went on a solo mission and what has happened to him since the start of Fall of X aka the Hellfire Gala.

The first few pages gives us an idea of what has happened. Sunfire left the team to look for Redroot the Forest, one of the mutants of Arakko. He managed to find her but he basically mutilated himself to sustain the plant mutant’s life. During this period, the Hellfire Gala happened and the Krakoan mutant massacre occured which included the closing of the Krakoa gates. This locked out Sunfire and Redroot who made some bad deals to get back home.

The two venture into the unknown void with the hopes of getting back to Earth 616 and the mutant island of Krakoa but they instead found themselves in a wasteland with no help or support.

As the two slowly succumb to death in the frozen wasteland, a shadow looms over them and this individual brings out a seed which he puts into the puddle of Sunfire’s blood.

Turns out this is Apocalypse and he has finally found his way back to somebody who can bring him back to Krakoa.

In case you missed out on this detail, Apocalypse and Genesis had another “split” in the one-shot Horsemen of Apocalypse which is also a prelude to Fall of X. Genesis together with her children went to Earth and closed the gate behind them leaving Apocalypse to fend for himself. Apocalypse had made several promises during the one-shot including a big fight between him and his original wife. And it looks like this is going down soon either in the pages of the main X-Men book or in the ongoing X-Men: Red book with Al Ewing.

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