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Loki Season 2 Funko Pops Revealed including new Loki, Victor Timely and more!

Here’s a look at the initial releases of Loki season 2 Funko Pops including new Loki, Victor Timely and more!

First off we have Loki

This one for me is the “must get” figure because it’s a different look and a more TVA/ roguish charming guy compared to the Loki we met back in Loki season 1. The pose definitely says he has a grasp of what’s happening and what must be done.

Mobius in Temporal Core Suit

We also have a 2-pack featuring Loki and Mobius in 1893 from episode 3 where they tried to catch Victor Timely, Ravona Renslayer and Miss Minutes.

This wave also gives us a Jonathan Majors’ Victor Timely from that time he was being chased around by Loki, Renslayer, Mobius and Miss Minutes.

Below we have a new Sylvie Funko Pop, where she ditches her armor and horned headdress for a more modern look.



And the other must-have for this wave of Loki season 2 Funko Pop figures is Ke Huy Quan‘s O.B. or Ouroboros. Its so cute the figure is also seen clutching the TVA handbook which he wrote.



Sadly there’s no love for other characters that appeared in the Disney+ show created by Marvel namely Eugene Cordero’s Casey and Hunter B-15.


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