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Masters of the Universe: Revolution Clip pits He-Man against Scare Glow

Here’s our first look at a new clip for Netflix’s upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revolution and they are promoting this rather strong with a nice battle between He-Man and Scare Glow who we also saw in “MOTU: Revelation”

Check out the full clip below:

MOTU: Revelation came out in 2021 and heavily featured Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Teela as the main protagonist for the story which ends with the “death” of Prince Adam aka He-Man and Skeletor becoming “Skelegod”. And let’s not forget Fisto who… fisted his way in season 2. Good thing though, the series ended in a high note because if that ended the way season 1 ended, I’m sure people would still hate on this project years later.

Sadly there’s no word yet for the official release date for Revolution but Netflix has already stated that it’s coming out Summer of 2024.

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