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Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2 Review

Here’s my Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2 Review now streaming on Netflix feturing the voices of Lena Headey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mark Hamill and more! The series is produced by Kevin Smith.

Check out the official trailer for Part 2 for added context.

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There will be spoilers in this review so SPOILER ALERT

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The story definitely picks up from here and its has all the He-Man action scenes we were all expecting to see in part 1. The central characters tend to shift between Prince Adam and Teela this time with stronger character building and exposition for Adam who was visibly absent in the first release.


The animation gets significantly slicker here for part 2 but there were some instances where it suddently transitions into the realm of anime but that’s actually a good thing for me.

Unlike the first part where it was mainly Teela throughout the series, Part 2 actually gives us Prince Adam. A lot of Prince Adam actually. This second act helps paint a deeper understanding of what Adam is and how he is the perfect fit as the champion of Eternia and the weilder of the sword.

Chris Wood as He-Man worked well than I anticipated here. He definitely knocked the ball out of the park whether its more emotionally charged scenes to softer ones like when Adam is reunited with his parents.

Skeletor gets more motivation here and drives how 2 dimensional he is. To me the way he was written in “Revelation” is pretty much imitating the unwritten dynamics between Batman and Joker; oddly enough Mark Hamill is Skeletor here so I guess that can work. But as a fan of the original series, it felt like a let down.

I also liked (not loved) the redesign that they they gave Evil-Lyn towards the end of series where she gets to show us what it would look like if the ladies got the power (the sword of power that is). It’s gonna be divisive but I’m with team Snu-Snu on that aspect.

Teela also gets an upgrade and we also get some confirmation about something most MOTU fans know already. What Kevin Smith and the writing team did however was push it into overload and give us a look at what happens when she does embrace her destiny.

The whole segment with Savage He-Man may turn off some fans but there are others who liked it. I personally liked this bit from part 2 because it helps the narrative that the captive Duncan aka Man-at-arms was saying to Skeletor. He HAS the power but only calls it when other people are in need; but the sword keeps it in check.

I also enjoyed the few quips they wrote in here. Whether its Ram-Man needlessly making an appearance inside Castle Greyskull via aerial bombardment or that “behind me” scene.

Also Fisto.

And how much he wants to fist Skelegod.

Final thoughts:

It’s definitely a step up from Part 1 and I enjoyed majority of the moments. And it follows the trope of the game-changing series and seasons in popular culture.

I’m totally fine with the ending of the series but at the same time it promises a bigger and badder universe. Those final moments of the last episode sure seems to tease that the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will be returning soon.

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