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Set within the contemporary world of e-commerce, a woman’s life falls apart after buying a used item online in “Target”, a Korean thriller with a star-studded cast that includes K-drama’s favorites – Shin Hae-Sun (Mr. Queen), Kim Sung-kyun (Moving), Lim Chul-Soo (Crash Landing on You), Lee Joo-Young (School Nurse Files) and Kang Tae-oh (Extraordinary Attorney Woo). The film takes action when a woman buys a defective washing machine and leaves angry comments on the shop’s website. Soon enough, strange things start to happen to her and becomes the sole target of a relentless psycho killer.

Soo-hyun (Hae-Sun) buys a used washing machine online after moving into her new place. When she receives a broken machine, she realizes she’s been scammed and decides to make sure the seller doesn’t get away with it. Eventually, Soo-hyun succeeds in finding the seller’s online account, then leaves warnings that he is a fraudster under all his posts to stop him from selling.

From then on, terrifying things start to happen to Soo-hyun. She led an ordinary life with an ordinary job, but everything in her daily life begins to fall apart, and an investigation is set in motion to find the seller. With the help of detectives Joo (Sung-kyun) and Na (Tae-oh), Soo-hyun sets off to stop the psycho seller who has invaded her life.

Directed by Park Hee-kon (also known for Perfect Game), his work on “Target” pays attention to how people currently live and the social trends in place that focuses on the topic of second-hand trading.  Director Park Hee-kon wanted to create a story where reality becomes a movie and point out that anyone can be exposed to danger even at this very moment. “The audience will be captivated by the main character, whose life is destroyed by a second-hand transaction, and the intense suspense and thrills of the chase until her suffocating confrontation with a mysterious, unidentifiable killer,” shares the director.

“Target” is from Encore Films that will open in cinemas on October 18, to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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